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About  Us

We are Pure Hair Studio. Not just a space where you come for your routine hair maintenance, but rather a hub for transformation, personal growth, and to experience a refreshed hair perspective. We encourage self-love while also keeping an open mind to a canvas we can experiment with. Pure Hair Studio is here to provide a friendly, exciting, and personalized hair service through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals. Teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our clients are always number one, and we want you leaving with that "oh yeahhh"? feeling!

Our Staff

Glennys Shouldice Alysia Reoch
Lisa Croezen-Kauk Shukria Nazari
Lindsay Buller Margie Quigley
Melissa Lomond Michelle Heise
Will Malette Lexi James
Dallis Chin Shaelyn Heise
Victoria Dahmer

Service Menu

Our Service Menu is à la Carte format.
Toners and treatments are not included in Colour Service pricing
*Please note: Master Level Stylists currently have full client rosters*
CUTS & STYLES Junior Intermediate Senior Master
Women’s Haircut with Blowout $49.35 $53.55 $58.80 $63-$68.25
Men's Haircut $34.65 $36.75 $43.05 $48.30-$53.55
Kid's Haircut& (11 & under) $33 $35 $41 $46-51
Shampoo & Blowout $30.45 $33.60 $39.90 $44.10-$49.35
Shampoo & Blowout (w/ Curls/Braid) $33.60 $36.75 $43.05 $47.25-$52.50
Buzz/Undercut $21 $21 $21 $21
Retouch with Blowout 4oz $65.10 $69.30 $75.60 $80.85-$89.25
Retouch with Cut 4oz $102.90 $109.20 $122.85 $128.10-$135.45
Full Colour with Blowout 6oz $92.40 $96.60 $102.90 $108.15-$112.35
Full Colour with Cut 6oz $130.20 $136.50 $150.15 $155.40-$162.75
Men's Grey Blend $47.25 $47.25 $47.25 $47.25
Men's Grey Blend with Cut $81.90$78 $85.05 $90.30 $95.55-$100.80
Corrective Colour or Fashion Colour As Per Consult As Per Consult As Per Consult As Per Consult
Fashion Colour As Per Consult As Per Consult As Per Consult As Per Consult
Full Head Foils with Blowout $105 $110.25 $124.95 $129.15-$133.35
Full Head Foils with Cut $154.35 $163.80 $183.75 $192.15-$201.60
Partial Head Foils with Blowout $87.15 $90.30 $95.55 $100.80-$106.05
Partial Head Foils with Cut $136.50 $143.85 $154.35 $163.80-$174.30
Balayage with Blowout $144.90 $155.40 $175.35 $185.85-$191.10
Balayage with Cut $194.25 $208.95 $234.15 $248.85-$259.35
On-Scalp Lightening with Blowout $75.60 $79.80 $86.10 $91.35-$95.55
On-Scalp Lightening with Cut $124.95 $133.35 $144.90 $154.35-$163.80
Per Foil $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75
Perms As Per Consult As Per Consult As Per Consult As Per Consult
Extensions As Per Consult As Per Consult As Per Consult As Per Consult
Toner with Colour Service 2oz $32.55 $32.55 $32.55 $32.55
Toner 2oz with Blowout $47.25 $52.50 $52.50 $52.50
Extra Colour/ Toner per ounce $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75
Beard Trim $15
Olaplex Bond Repair $40.95
Olaplex Bond Repair with Blowdry $47.25
Olaplex Add to Colour or Lightening Service $26.25
Moroccanoil Deep Moisture $40.95
Moroccanoil Deep Moisture with Blowdry $47.25
Redken Acidic Bonding $40.95
Redken Acidic Bonding with Blowdry $47.25

Studio Services

prices from
Shampoo & Blow Dry
$27 and up
Woman's Haircut
$45 and up
Men's Haircut
$31 and up
Child's Haircut (under 12)
$31 and up
Bang Trim
Beard Trim
Special Occasions Hair (flat ironing, curls, hot rollers)
Extra Styling
$12 and up
Treatments and Extras
Living Proof Treatment
Protein Treatment
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Hair Smoothing Treatment by consultation
Heat Cure Treatment by consultation
Lip and Brow
Perm Services
prices from
Full Perm (haircut not incl.)
$57 and up
Design Wrap
(prices determined as per consultation*)
Colour & Highlight Services
prices from
$59 and up
Colour and Cut
$95 and up
Additional Overlay and Colour
$12 per ounce
Corrective Colour
(prices determined as per consultation*)
Full Foils
$98 and up
Partial Foils
$79 and up
10 foils or less
$12 per foil
$134 and up
$134 and up
Men's Colour Camo
$34 and up


At Pure we are continually growing and are interested in hiring graduates who are serious about building a career in this industry. We offer a structured career path in an upbeat, enthusiastic and advanced working environment.

Come in and drop off your resume in person to Glennys today!


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