William Malette

Hair Stylist

My name is William Malette French Canadian both sides from up North Sudbury/Sturgeon falls.

Had my first client at 15 years of age, giving my younger sisters a blunt shoulder length cut without parents permission.

Way before Thor movies in 2006, I thought to grow a man bun. After mastering using a pair of flee market thinning shears on my own hair I decided to join the Marvel Beauty Academy. My best years came in 2006/2007, addressing wise ladies and men’s cuts, style sets and many perms. For 13 years I found shelter in the mall at ‘Natural Solutions’. I grew to address all the basics, specializing in lightening and a variety of subtle to dramatic colour changes.

Currently, I won the lottery and was asked to join the best kept salon secret in the tri-cities. Now, surrounded by such fresh talented super stars, I feel even more invigorated to grow and excel. I feel blessed and lucky to be at ‘Pure’ and thus by far am having the time of my hair life. I’m grateful and humble greeting my mall clients and bonding with new ones. I’m the happiest guy to be here and it’s easy to give only positive energy. Please join us to have the best time.